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Your Thin Brick Expertise is located in Houston, Texas

Texabrick is a building material company that makes high-quality bricks for use in construction projects. The company takes pride in its attention to detail, dedication to sustainability, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The company employs ecologically responsible manufacturing practices, such as the utilization of recycled materials in their bricks and the reduction of waste in their manufacturing operations. They also prioritize energy efficiency, running their operations on solar power and other renewable energy sources.

Texabrick is committed to offering exceptional customer service in addition to its focus on sustainability. The company provides bespoke brick solutions to fulfill the needs of unique projects and collaborates closely with architects, builders, and contractors to guarantee that their products are of the best quality and satisfy project criteria.

Texabrick might include sections on their product line, sustainability policies, customer service, and any notable projects they have worked on. With a strong dedication to innovation and sustainability and a great reputation for quality, Texabrick is a trusted and respected name in the building materials industry.

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1646 Blaisdale Rd # 2400, Richmond, TX 77406


+1 (281) 690-9437

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